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4th/5th Science Tasty Experiment

The 4th and 5th graders had a mixture and solution Party.  They brought food and drinks for the class to share and discuss what makes it a mixture versus a solution.  Then the class had to decide how to separate the mixture/solution.  It was a very tasty...

WES Conduct Award Winners

These students were the Elementary Conduct Award Winners for this month.  They received a  new book!  Lena Solorio, Tate Conrady, Rilyn Neal, Braxton Tressler, Katatlina Barron, Matthew Anderle, Lilli Meurer, Miguel Larios, Samantha Farris, Lucas Petro, Mattie Idell,...

School Picture Day

School pictures will be taken on Thursday September 19, 2019. Packets will be sent home before picture day. Please return the packets to your child’s home room teacher by Thursday morning.

5th Grade Book Tasting

5th Grade Book Tasting 5th graders took part in a Book Tasting where they were able to read different genres of books in a restaurant setting. Mrs. Armendarez came to enjoy the tasty treats(books!) with the students! image_2 image_1 image image_3...

4th Grade Science Activity

IMG_5020 IMG_5021 IMG_5022 IMG_5024 IMG_5025 IMG_5026 4th Grade Science Mrs. Lindley’s 4th graders were challenged with this experiment – Build a structure that is at least 10 centimeters tall and could withstand wind from a box fan.  We also reviewed...