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Congratulations to all of our students. Together we raised $20,136.12. I am so proud of our students, parents and staff. Just a few things as we wrap up our event:

All students have received their character items. If your student is missing something or has lost theirs please let me know, I can replace it. The other prizes (t shirt, jump rope, ball, socks etc) will be processed and mailed to me at school. Last year it took about 1 month, they will get them before school is out if not sooner.

Our Field and Fun Day will be held on April 14th. This will be a regular school day with track and field events in the morning and fun activities and color blast after lunch. We are still working on the schedule of events and will be sending out to you as soon as it is set. Parents and families are welcome to spectate and have fun watching the kids.

During the color blast all students will be allowed to be blasted with powder if they would like. Those that qualified for the color blast will receive a packet of powder to blast their friends with.

Thank you once again for helping our school make their goal.

Susan Veitenheimer